About us

PT. Natric Arena Indonesia

Cinnamon is a spices that has a strong taste and aroma and also serves as a flavor and food flavor enhancer. Besides being used in cooking ingridients, cinnamon can also be used as medicine and raw materials of herbal medicine. From its benefits, no wonder if cinnamon become one of the commodities that have high economic value. Indonesia is one of the largest cinnamon producers in the world especially cinnamon come from Korintje.

PT. Natric Arena Indonesia is a Company in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. We buy cinnamon from Korintje Indonesia and sell cinnamon to domestic market and abroad. We specializes in buying high quality of cinnamon directly from farmers, processed, and distributed the best quality to buyers. Our factory’s distance close to the source of raw materials that ensure fast and continuous supply for our customer all year long. The Company’s main emphasis in on quality control before shipment, timely delivery and commitment.

Vision :
We commit to be trusted cinnamon company locally and globally.

Mission :
PT. Natric Arena Indonesia’s mission is to collaborate with the companies around the world and make sure to buy the best quality of raw materials according to buyer’s specifications. We are buying, processing, and delivering cinnamon in a quality consistent way, timely shipment, and reasonable price to its valuable consumers.